June is Backup Awareness Month

Five Tips for Data Backup

  1. Establish a File Organization Standard: sorting your files so users will always know where files belong.
  2. Determine Which Files Need to Be Preserved: which are important, can’t do without, and might need in the future.
  3. Create a Local Backup System: ensure your backup files are physically with you at your office which allows for easy retrieval, and you maintain control.
  4. Create an Off-Site Backup System: copy files to a different secure location which provides redundancy and catastrophe prevention. Having an off-site backup procedure means that even though your office is destroyed, your files aren’t.
  5. Automate Your Backup Procedures: remember to check that the backups are running. Never assume that they are; know that they are—it’s that important.
  6. Test restore periodically to verify the quality of your backup.

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