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With Quadrivium’s Data Continuity, Disaster Recovery Services, and Hosting Services and Hosting services, any organization can benefit from utilizing world-class data center technology– it’s your IT manager’s dream setup. Our information security specialists will ensure that your data is quickly accessible in even the worst of potential disasters.

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Quadrivium makes it easy to recover deleted files and restore entire operating systems from backup. Our SAN (Storage Area Network) uses RAID 5 (Redundant Array of Internal Disks) to ensure a customer’s data is secure if and when a hard disk fails.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to have a recovery plan for your organization’s important files. Quadrivium’s team of disaster recovery experts will assess every aspect of your business’s technology infrastructure and create a plan to minimize data loss and downtime in the event of a disaster. Every company is unique, but a specially crafted disaster recovery plan will help any company get back online faster and focus on what’s really important in case of an emergency: people.

It’s important to have access to your backed-up files quickly after a disaster, and traditional data recovery services can take time to transfer your data to the replacement technology. Our image of your server will be ready in minutes, on any hardware.

At Quadrivium, we’re experts at keeping your information safe, secure, and easily accessible. Quadrivium’s Image Based Backup doesn’t just keep copies of your organization’s files, it creates a copy of your entire server, including its operating system, applications, settings, and data files.

Like our other data backup solutions, Quadrivium’s image backup is constantly monitored for any hangups in the backup process, so you’ll have a completely current image of your organization’s server, whenever you need it.

It’s important to back up essential information for any company, and many companies require off site archiving as a standard security practice. Quadrivium’s exceptionally secure data center meets the system backup standards of any industry. Our team of data security experts will work with your organization’s IT professionals to ensure your data backup is securely stored and accessible whenever it’s needed.

At Quadrivium, it’s our number 1 priority to protect our customers’ data and information. Each of our disaster recovery services is regularly and stringently tested. Quadrivium’s engineers are constantly adapting our customers’ disaster recovery plans to best suit their needs and concerns.

Quadrivium offers a range of offsite backup solutions to protect any organization’s information, making it easy to back up and restore important files.

Some businesses use local backups of their computers for a quick fix in case of a data emergency. This solution may work for smaller businesses with few workstations and machines, but doesn’t protect your files from larger, localized disasters beyond hardware failure.

Benefits of offsite backup include the following:

  • Protection from unexpected circumstances such as fires, floods, theft, or any other destruction of property
  • Constantly monitored, always-current backups to ensure that all necessary data is backed up every time
  • Scheduled, automated backups to relieve the stress and tedium of managing data backup systems

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