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Quadrivium’s workspace solutions give every desktop in your organization the strength and security of our data center. Any computer, old or new, can be connected to a virtual machine,  which is kept, updated, and protected on our private and powerful servers.

By moving everyday computing to the cloud, a company can:

  • Upgrade the power of any machine without purchasing expensive new hardware
  • Reduce workstation maintenance and downtime for every machine
  • Simplify the use and management of office computers using offsite virtual desktops
  • Prevent end users from changing or accessing sensitive information

Don’t tempt disaster by keeping your company’s important documents on-premise. Quadrivium’s co-location services will protect your organization’s information from all threats, malicious or mundane.

Our state-of-the art data center is every cyber security expert’s dream:

  • Impenetrable Facility: Our strong, solid, and secure data center is built with red iron steel to withstand high-velocity winds and has built-in fire suppression and constantly managed temperature systems.
  • Professionally Monitored Cyber Security: Your information is guarded around the clock with network monitoring applications, powerful firewall protection, and antivirus and malware software.
  • Complete Redundancy: Our Class-2 data center has multiple data lines to prevent downtime, and a power infrastructure of regularly tested backup generators and ATS and UPS power.

Quadrivium makes it easy to recover deleted files and restore entire operating systems from backup. Our SAN uses RAID technology to ensure a customer’s data is secure if and when a hard disk fails.

All virtual servers hosted by Quadrivium are backed up and stored both in our constantly monitored Class-2 data center and our secondary servers using full image backups. Any and all of our customers’ data can be backed up physically and virtually in our data center to be restored to on-premise equipment or to our servers in the event of a disaster.

Quadrivium’s Disaster Recovery Services provide:

  • Best-in-class data hosting in our Class-2 data center
  • Constantly monitored backup by trained personnel
  • A simple, reliable contingency for emergency situations
  • Reduced regular upkeep from backup duties and software maintenance
  • Offsite storage to save space on local hardware

Quadrivium’s state-of-the-art data center hosts virtual servers for our customers, so they can enjoy the benefits and convenience of a dedicated server without the large investment of time and capital needed to maintain servers on their own.
Organizations don’t need to sink time and money into purchasing and maintaining a server rack of their own. Quadrivium’s state-of-the-art data center hosts virtual servers for our customers, so they can enjoy the benefits and convenience of a dedicated server without the large investment of time and capital needed to maintain servers on their own.

Our cloud server solutions help customers large and small by:

  • Covering initial costs and setup time to reduce expenditures and time-to-production
  • Keeping server upkeep costs regular month-to-month
  • Handling hardware maintenance and eliminating the need for server upgrades
  • Saving office space and ensuring a secure physical environment for your server

Quadrivium provides hosting for Microsoft Exchange Email services, without the hassle of dealing with encryption and security, or the high price of an unnecessary, dedicated Exchange server.

Our hosted Microsoft Exchange Servers take email server maintenance off of IT Professionals’ to-do lists with one simple, scalable, and secure solution.

Q-Filter Email Spam Filtering protects your organization’s inboxes from viruses and spam email without the cost or maintenance of expensive appliances. We’ll handle the security of your business’s email server, freeing up bandwidth and internal resources for other essential tasks.

Ensuring your software licenses are up to date and cost effective can be a full-time job. Free up your IT manager’s time with Quadrivium’s operating system management and monitoring services.

With desktops and workstations being constantly purchased, upgraded, and decommissioned, managing the licenses of operating systems and applications can be time-consuming for businesses of any size. Our team of Certified Licensing Specialists are experienced in licensing and device management for operating systems and software made by Apple and Microsoft and can find and manage the licensing program that fits your organization’s needs.

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Brent Obana

Healthcare Industry Specialist
MCP Licensing Specialist, Telecom Solutions Professional

Mike Stevens

Small Business Specialist
Clearance Level 4 MCP Licensing Specialist, ACA

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